Who are we?

A group of Christian organizations that have come together to help internationals arrive in Austin.

LonghornXA Logo

What do we do?

Pick you up at the airport when you arrive.
Help you find a temporary place to live.
Take you shopping when you first get here.
Help you get furniture.
Provide help with setting up a cell phone, getting an American bank account, or getting a driver’s license.
Assist you in understanding American culture.
Show you where to shop for foods from your country.
Help you buy a used car.
Provide ways to help you improve your English.
Connect you with American families, students and other internationals.
Connect you to events like camping trips, lake trips, horseback riding, restaurants, museums, and more.
Help you make friends in America.

What do we charge?

Nothing. Everything we do is free!

Why do we do these things for free?

We love welcoming people and building friendships across languages, cultures, and countries.

Can we help you with something?

Contact us and we’ll get back to you by email soon.